About Us

BEUCHEM Kimya San. ve Tic. A.S.

As a chemical raw material supply and marketing company, Beuchem Kimya aims to be your respected and reliable business partner addressing the world market, to provide the best service in the shortest time from the most reliable sources, to offer continuous benefit as well as product and service quality, with its sustainable development and 15 years of experience in the plastic and steel industry, international partners with experience in different branches of the chemical industry, and its strong financial structure.


Our aim is to provide the best service to our customers with the experience we have in the chemical industry in which we operate, to provide the best service to our customers, to contribute positively to the sector, and to be a company that creates value in the sector.


We also aim to meet the raw material needs of our customers at home and abroad in the most appropriate way in cooperation with the leading manufacturers and traders of the sector in the global market and to be the preferred and leading institution in the sector.


Be Close, Innovative and Helpful.


Being aware of the danger in the chemical industry and acting under the legislation. Taking preventive measures. Continuing our activities with the necessary tools, documents, and training. Keeping up with the innovations in this direction, and being sensitive to the environment and people in all our activities.